2 Minutes

I have stayed in my pyjamas all day today and have completed very little.

But.. I’m potentially going to save someone’s life because of what I did today and all it took was 2 minutes.

What can be done in those couple of minutes? You could make a cup of tea, stroke your cat, put mascara on or sing half a Justin Bieber song (if you’re so inclined), you could brush your teeth, hug someone or daydream.

The Anthony Nolan Charity saves the lives of people with blood cancer or blood disorders through matching them with donors on their register. There are currently 600,000 people registered to donate and 3 people daily are found matches from this, however more people are needed so that everyone affected has a chance.

By signing up Anthony Nolan will send you a ‘spit kit’ in the post and your saliva sample will be kept on their database until you’re 60. The sample is easy to give – pretty sure we all know how to spit – and you get a free-post envelope to return it in; couldn’t be simpler and yet those 2 minutes could be saving someone’s life in the future.


Whenever a patient with blood cancer or a blood disorder needs a lifesaving stem cell transplant, the register is searched to look for a genetic match for that patient. If you’re a match, they’ll be in touch and ask you to donate if you’re still healthy and happy to do so.

For more information on the Anthony Nolan Charity and the amazing things they do please visit their website, you can also join up directly here.

Feeling less guilty for staying in my pyjamas now.




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